B.C. blogger ordered to pay $30K for online complaints in doctor defamation suit


A Kelowna blogger who was unhappy with a breast augmentation surgery that offered uneven results learned that sounding off online can have costly consequences, according to a Supreme Court of B.C. decision posted Aug. 25. Rosa Campagna Deck was ordered this week to pay Kelowna surgeon Dr. Brian Peterson $30,000 for defamation, and has to remove a series of online posts and reviews she made that cast aspersion on his work. Peterson was also awarded costs for legal action. “While internet postings in the nature of reviews of restaurants and services are the norm in today’s world, defamatory comments dressed up as reviews that are not factual or do not qualify as fair comment are subject to the laws of defamation,” Justice Gary Weatherill wrote. “Here, the broad thrust of the posts was that the plaintiff made mistakes during the first surgery, took a ‘couldn’t care less’ approach to the defendant’s concerns when confronted with the results, and that the defendant was forced to pay another surgeon to have another surgery to correct the problem.”

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