O’Toole Conservatives now leading Trudeau Liberals: Poll


A new poll put out by Nanos shows the Conservatives with a slight lead over the incumbent Liberals. The poll was released on Thursday with results having been tabulated on Wednesday. The results were collected over the previous three days by telephone. The poll’s central question was “If a federal election were held today, could you please rank your top two current local voting preferences?”, to which people responded: Conservative party – 34.4%; Liberal party – 33.6%; New Democratic Party – 18.9%; Bloc Quebecios – 5.3% (polled within Quebec only); Green Party – 4.3%; People’s Party – 3.1%; Other – 0.3%; Undecided – 10.6%. Federal Polling: CPC: 34% (-); LPC: 31% (-2); NDP: 19% (+3); BQ: 6% (-2); PPC: 6% (+4); GPC: 3% (-4). These most recent results represent the Conservative party gaining ground, as well as the far-left NDP, advancing 1.7 percent and 2.1 percent, respectively. The Liberal party, on the other hand, is down 2.3 percent compared to the last time this poll was conducted. This puts the Conservatives ahead of the Liberals for the first time in polls this election cycle. Three days ago, the two parties were statistically neck and neck in another similar poll.

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