Maryam Monsef’s Taliban ‘Our Brothers’ Comment Continues Trudeau Liberal Tradition Of Treating Our Enemies Like Friends


Meanwhile, look at how the Trudeau Liberals talk about Canadian Citizens who differ from their political views. ‘Admiration’ for China’s ‘Basic Dictatorship’. Praising Fidel Castro as a ‘remarkable leader’. And now, calling the Taliban ‘our brothers.’ This is a longstanding pattern now from the Trudeau Liberals: They treat our enemies & opponents like friends. And it’s about more than just words. In policies and in actions, the Liberals show a combination of naivety and submissiveness towards those who oppose Canada’s values. Consider the continued weakness in our approach to China. Just today, it was revealed that the Trudeau Liberal government gave China a contract to supply a ferry for Marine Atlantic — a Canadian Crown Corporation. The ship will be built by China Merchants Industry. Thus, Communist China will profit from our taxpayer dollars, at a time when they are holding two of our Canadian Citizens hostage. But that’s not even the biggest story of the day when it comes to the Trudeau Liberals lack of Canadian values. Notably, Monsef is the minister of women and gender equality, so her submissiveness towards the Taliban is even more appalling.

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