After All This Time, Politicians & Public Officials Still Won’t Talk About Improving Personal Health


If they really wanted the best for everyone, they would have pushed for an unprecedented focus on reducing obesity, increasing exercise, and strengthening our health & resilience. Instead, they’ve focused only on control. We are a year and a half into the COVID-19 pandemic. Yet, it would appear our politicians and public officials have learned nothing. Confusion and mistakes at the start of a crisis are inevitable. Indeed, trial and error in a crisis is usually how we start to find our way through it. But a year and a half in, there is no excuse for what continues to be a draconian and authoritarian approach. As you have seen, the focus of public officials and politicians has been on restrictions, lockdowns, and now, vaccine mandates. Everything they do is about restricting individual freedom and imposing state-mandates on the population. Ostensibly, they do this to ‘save lives.’ They also claim to be ‘following the science.’ And yet, they continue to ignore the biggest controllable risk factor for COVID. The biggest risk factor for COVID is age. But we can’t control age. That leaves obesity as the biggest risk factor that can be controlled, or at least influenced.

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