Taliban may inherit Afghanistan’s seat on UN Commission on the Status of Women


If the Taliban forms an internationally recognized Afghan government they are likely to have a representative seated on the United Nations Commission on the Status of Women. This despite their violent and oppressive treatment of women, according to a shocking new exclusive report from the Washington Examiner. Afghanistan, under President Ghani, held a seat on that council. Following the violent takeover of Afghanistan by the terrorist regime, John Bolton, the former US ambassador to the UN told the outlet, “You have a new crew that comes in, and the UN has to decide, ‘Do we accept the credentials of a new ambassador? It’s certainly possible to challenge that and deny them a seat. You can say they’re not legitimate.” Bolton added that incoming governments, typically inherit their predecessor’s posts. “I think the most likely outcome is the Taliban gets seated.” Of particular concern is the Afghan seat. Afghanistan currently has a seat on the Commission for the Status of Women, which the country secured in 2020. Since the takeover, reports from Afghans describe forced marriages between girls and Taliban leaders.

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