LILLEY: Liberal platform contains promise to tax home sales


Prior to the last election, the Liberals had to fight back against Conservative claims they were going to tax the sale of all primary residences. The Liberal campaign had Justin Trudeau tweet out a video denying this was part of their platform and then Liberal MP Adam Vaughan had to put out a statement. “To be perfectly clear. Again. It’s not in our platform,” Vaughan said at the time. “We’ve never considered it. It’s not something the party has endorsed. It’s not something the party will endorse. It won’t happen after we’re re-elected. Period.” Well, they’re considering it now, for some home sales. It’s right in the Liberal platform on housing released this week when Trudeau was campaigning in Hamilton. “Crack down on speculation and house flipping with an anti-flipping tax on residential properties, requiring properties to be held for at least 12 months,” the platform reads.

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