KINSELLA: In true Trump style, Trudeau doubles down on disinformation


There’d always been the similarities between Justin Trudeau and Donald Trump. You know: Sons of multimillionaires. Celebrated surnames. Chasing aspiring models and actresses. Private schools, privileged lives. Charmed existence. And now Trump and Trudeau share another distinction: They’ve both been caught spreading mistruths and misinformation on social media. And, when caught, they refused to admit it. They refused to apologize. Asked about postings made by his deputy prime minister — postings which Twitter labelled as “manipulated media” — Trudeau smirked. He defended what is indisputably, inarguably fake media. And, in so doing, has created a big problem for himself. A recap: Chrystia Freeland posted tweets, in English and French, purporting to show Conservative Leader Erin O’Toole answering a question during his party’s leadership race last year and seemingly answering “yes” when asked if he favours privatized health care. Except he didn’t say that. The Liberals had surreptitiously edited the video down to make it seem O’Toole had said something he hadn’t. Did Trudeau apologize for his team’s deception? Did he retract? Not on your life.

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