Biden’s crimes. Where is Congress?


Matthew 27:24 describes Pontius Pilate as denying involvement in Jesus’ crucifixion. Joe Biden is our Pontius Pilate. He causes mayhem, then leaves desolation in his wake, and takes responsibility for none of it. Given the catastrophic and devastating consequences of the illegitimate Biden administration, one has to wonder, “Where is Congress?” Given Biden’s now obvious plan to utterly destroy America both here at home and on the international stage, shouldn’t they, as a united body, stand together and demand this president be removed along with his inept and tone-deaf advisers — naïve Blinken, liar Sullivan, “white rage” Milley, Austin, and Afghanistan commander Gen. McKenzie? They all telegraph weakness. Many times in our nation’s past, we’ve had incompetent elected officials but none who did the unspeakable, inhumane damage Biden has wrought. He and his passive-aggressive posse’s actions are now clearly criminal, potentially genocidal, and he seems not to care or even notice. He and his coterie of arrogant bumblers seem unable to grasp the value of human life, America’s standing in the world, or loyalty to our allies.

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