As planeloads of Afghans come here, nobody is asking the obvious question


As we witness planeloads full of Muslim Afghan citizens head for America, it’s time to start asking why Muslim countries aren’t stepping forward to take care of their co-religionists. Isn’t it time they did? Afghanistan has fallen to the Taliban and may soon become a caliphate, ruling over a population that’s 90% Sunni Muslims. According to the entry on the Taliban at the “Major Religions of the World” website, the Taliban are not a standalone religious sect. Instead, they are a radical political and religious faction. Many Taliban were trained in Pakistani-run madrassas. Thanks to the refugee flow the Russian occupation triggered in Afghanistan: Saudi Arabia had an opening to further Wahhabism, its official religion. Pakistan’s military dictator, General Zia ul Haq, a devout Wahabi himself, decided to establish this network of madrassas to train and educate the young minds in the art of hating the US/Zionism. He wanted these madrassas to become a permanent supply source of mujahideen. This brings us to what is currently happening in Afghanistan. Two superpowers, Russia and the United States, failed to obtain victory over the militant Taliban.

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