Watch: Trudeau threatens to reduce health transfers to Saskatchewan over private MRI services, silent on Quebec


A reporter challenged the campaign messaging of the Trudeau Liberals on Tuesday, who said they would claw back provincial health transfers to Saskatchewan if the private MRI services continued. “Why would you do that?” asked the reporter. “And would that apply to provinces like Quebec where there is also private healthcare?” Prime Minister Justin Trudeau responded: “Over the past number of years, every time we make a Canada Health Transfer (CHT) to the provinces, we make adjustments, and we have. There are penalties for private delivery of services that we have brought in… a number of different cases.” He professed his commitment to maintain and protect public, universal healthcare. The Government of Canada website said the CHT is the largest major transfer to provinces and territories. “It provides long-term, predictable funding for health care, and supports the principles of the Canada Health Act which are: universality; comprehensiveness; portability; accessibility; and, public administration.” “CHT transfer payments are made on an equal per capita basis and include both cash and tax point transfers,” wrote the government on its website.

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