Sabrina Maddeaux: The Conservatives are gaining momentum in Quebec. Will it be enough?


Headed into Canada’s 44th federal election, the expectation was Quebec would be a showdown between the Liberals and Bloc Quebecois. But rather than throw in the towel, Erin O’Toole is doubling down on efforts to sway Quebecers and pull off a surprise “blue wave.” The seat tally looks increasingly unpredictable thanks to the Liberals’ rocky campaign kickoff and slowing Bloc momentum. Recent polling from Mainstreet research shows the Bloc may actually lose seats in the province, with several in danger of being grabbed by Conservatives. Polls also show O’Toole slowly, but steadily gaining popularity in every region, including Quebec, as Trudeau’s support remains unchanged or declines. Combined with a slate of Tory candidates who have the potential to resonate, Conservative prospects are suddenly looking much brighter than even a month ago. “It’s interesting because, in 2015, Mr. Trudeau was more popular than his party in Quebec. Now, the Liberals are more popular than Mr. Trudeau,” says Christian Bourque, executive director and senior vice-president of polling and market research firm Léger.

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