Canadian troops issued new machine-guns that are defective


More than 340 new machine-guns, including those already sent to Canadian Forces units, are defective and have been returned to manufacturer Colt Canada for repair. The weapons are part of a $120 million deal with the firm in Kitchener, Ont., to build new C6A1 general purpose machine-guns. Military sources alerted this newspaper to the problems with the guns. The Canadian Forces have confirmed that 342 defective guns were received from Colt Canada and have now been returned to the company. The problems affect the gun’s gas regulator system, which allows for the proper function of the weapon. In addition, there are problems with a nut associated with the barrel of the gun. Department of National Defence spokesperson Andrew McKelvey said about 50 of the new machine-guns that had already been distributed to units were identified with the gas regulator issues and those were returned to Colt Canada for repair. Colt Canada did not respond to questions about why more than 340 defective guns were provided to the Canadian military. Colt Canada did not provide comment on what changes would be put in place to prevent a repeat of the problems with the new C6 machine-guns.

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