U.S. Halts Evacuation Of Afghan Refugees Despite Airport Crush As Biden Admin Scrambles To Meet Taliban’s August 31st Deadline


The Biden administration, apparently taken by surprise by a Taliban announcement Monday that demanded the United States abide by its August 31st deadline for a full withdrawal, is now scrambling to evacuate American citizens, green card holders, and foreign nationals, and has called a halt to evacuating Afghans from Kabul’s airport, despite a crush of thousands desperate to leave. The Taliban said Monday that they will not allow the U.S. to remain in Afghanistan after August 31st, despite President Joe Biden’s pledge that the American military will stay until all known Americans have been evacuated. The White House says that “discussions” with the Taliban are still ongoing, but the Taliban has threatened “consequences,” as The Daily Wire noted, if the U.S. remains past the August deadline. To make sure Americans get priority for evacuation, “U.S. officials have ordered troops to only allow American citizens, Green Card holders and other foreign nationals through the gates of Kabul airport to board evacuation flights, leaving tens of thousands of vulnerable Afghan refugees stranded outside while the Taliban tightens its grip,” according to the Daily Mail, citing a report from CNN.

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