None Dare Call It Conspiracy


Fifty years ago, journalist Gary Allen set out to write a book to prove conservative anti-communists wrong. But while researching, he realized he had not seen the “hidden picture.” There indeed was a conspiracy, shielded by a narrative advanced by liberal academia and the mainstream media, both actually in the service of an elite cabal that included Rockefeller, Ford, Morgan, Rothschild, Loeb, Kennedy, and Carnegie. No longer willing to dismiss “right-wing conspiracy theorists,” he titled his book, published in 1971, None Dare Call It Conspiracy. It was a surprising bestseller: more than four million copies were sold during the 1972 presidential elections. Many received it as gifts through an informal grassroots distribution system. What Allen claimed to have discovered was that a plutocracy of 3% of the population covertly controlled the lives of the rest. They had wrested control of the constitutional republic, with its separation of powers, limited government, and competitive free enterprise, and turned it into a system of centralized control by a few. How was this achieved?

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