It’s Not Just Their ‘Manipulated Media’ Tweet. The Entire Trudeau Campaign Is Built On Lies


As Trudeau & Freeland double-down on their lies, Canadians can see that they have nothing of substance to campaign on. “Manipulated Media.” That perhaps sums up how many Canadians have felt about the media during Justin Trudeau’s entire tenure as PM. Trudeau has gone out of his way to manipulate and control the media even further, with his massive increase to CBC’s funding, his $600 million media bailout, and secret payments to publishers – payments the government still refuses to explain or disclose. As Trudeau got away with numerous ethics violations, as he revealed himself to be a total hypocrite, and as he increasingly divided this nation, much of his media coverage was still quite positive, and this represents the extent to which the establishment press has become financially dependent on the taxpayer money he doles out to them. As a result, Trudeau has clearly become more and more emboldened, feeling that he can say anything and get away with anything. Having lied constantly in office, Trudeau is now reduced to doubling and tripling-down on lies to try and stay in office. As we can see, the more desperate he and the Liberals get, the more obvious the lies become.

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