If you want to know how much the Deep State hates you…


We Americans focus tightly on our federal elected officials. We become fanatical about our presidential candidates and scrutinize closely our senators and House members. But when it comes to the agencies that really run the government, the best we can do is contact our senators about the officials who need Senate approval. We have no say at all over the vast army of unnamed employees. Trump’s presidency, though, revealed how powerful these unelected people are…and how much they hate us. Exhibit A for today is General Michael Hayden, former director of the NSA and director of the CIA — under George W. Bush. Hayden’s Twitter feed reveals how very deeply and profoundly this former military officer and government official hates that half (or more than half) of America that voted for Trump. He shows the same animosity we saw with Peter Strzok when he wrote his married girlfriend that he could “smell” the Trump supporters at Walmart. Here are some examples of what you’ll find on his feed. As a reminder, young Afghan men were responsible for the majority of the huge number of sex crimes in Germany and Austria after Angela Merkel invited them into Europe.

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