Conservatives and Liberals now neck and neck in the polls


As Conservative leader Erin O’Toole continues to gain momentum, he is now neck and neck with Liberal leader Justin Trudeau in the election. Released on Monday morning, a Nanos Research survey conducted by CTV News and The Globe and Mail showed that ballot support for the Liberals is at 32.5% support with the Conservatives at 31.4% support. The first survey they conducted after the election was called on August 15 showed that the Liberal support was at 33.4% and the Conservative support was at 28.4%. Results from each survey since August 15 have shown an increase in support for the Conservatives with a slight decrease for the Liberals. The support for O’Toole as a candidate has continued to rise with his support sitting at 24.0% in the most recent survey with Trudeau at 32.7%. The results from the latest survey showed the NDP at 20.8% ballot support, the Green Party at 5.1%, the Bloc Quebecois Party at 6.1%, and the People’s Party at 3.3%. Since Nanos Research started conducting their surveys, the NDP have remained consistent in their ballot support. The support for the Green and Bloc parties has declined, whereas the support for the People’s Party has increased.

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