Biden Makes Huge Vaccine Mistake On Air, Then Makes Second Blunder Moments Later


Poor President Biden. He has a hard time with the newfangled technology that’s been around for a mere quarter-century. We all remember the moment when, during the presidential primary debates, he directed his followers to “go to Joe 30330” with all the confidence of a nursing home resident navigating her very first Jitterbug phone. That was to be the first of many such senior moments for the elderly now-president, who fumbled, mumbled and squinted his way down the campaign trail — and by that I mean gave cable news interviews from his basement with the questionably helpful assistance of a teleprompter. His presidency has been no different. It’s almost expected whenever he makes public appearances that he’ll lose his train of thought, stumble over his words or reveal that he gets scolded by his handlers if he takes too many questions from the press. Although aircraft boarding steps might predate even Biden himself, the one he used to board Air Force One has certainly posed a challenge, and whoever runs the livestream set-up at the White House definitely messed something up at the exact moment when Biden offered to take questions from House Democrats earlier this year.

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