‘Seems like using the nuclear option’: Canadians who don’t want the jab decry COVID-19 vaccine mandates


Canada’s largest banks are the latest industry to announce mandatory vaccine policies this week, following the government’s announcement that federally regulated industries will require staff to get vaccinated against COVID-19. Ottawa’s vaccine mandate has been met with mixed reviews by the public, with some feeling that workplace safety is better served if all employees are vaccinated and others decrying the perceived infringement on personal rights. Others were concerned about accommodations provided for those who cannot get a COVID-19 vaccine due to medical reasons. Vaccine mandates have also become a wedge issue in the federal election, with candidates taking pot shots at each other on the subject while on the campaign trail. As of Friday morning, 73.5 per cent of Canada’s eligible population has been fully vaccinated, with more than 52 million doses administered across the country. On Thursday, CTVNews.ca asked Canadians whether their workplace had mandated COVID-19 vaccinations and to reach out if they felt they were being forced to get the jab. The responses have been edited for length, clarity and brevity.

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