Pelosi sees the clock ticking and has to ditch Biden to stay in power


Vice President Kamala Harris has flown to Singapore and Vietnam. She must consider there are no pressing issues at home. No border crisis with crime gangs, drugs, and a new raging Covid variant flooding her country. No exploding crime waves. No skyrocketing homicides due to her support for defunding the police and bailing out violent criminals. No Afghan disaster. Harris is not capable of helping the President with any of these major problems. So, she escapes these high-priority crises to escape to tiny peaceful Singapore until the publicity peak of these political and military disasters blows over. The US Vice President fled the scene. Why did Harris choose this moment to scarper? Was it planned? Did Nancy Pelosi have a hand in it? Remember this, America, when Nancy Pelosi starts making her moves to get rid of Biden and replace him with Harris as she sees the Democrats on their way to a massive defeat next year. Pelosi is a sharp bird. She reads the polls. She smells the direction the winds are blowing. And she sees the Democrats on their way to defeat in the House next year. A Democrat loss of the House means Pelosi loses her gavel and her power.

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