Now We Know Why the UK Is Furious with Biden: He Must Be Held Accountable if This Is True


Every time it appears the crisis in Afghanistan cannot get any worse for President Joe Biden, new details seem to come out highlighting his incompetency. In a new development, Politico reported Biden failed to communicate with one of the United States’ most important allies during the Taliban takeover. “A government official says the U.S. did not communicate to the U.K. how it planned to withdraw nor the pace of its withdrawal,” the outlet wrote Thursday. “This failure to work with a key ally goes some way to explaining the British anger toward the Biden administration over the last few days.” In the face of a large foreign policy decision, our allies should be the first people we reach out to and communicate with. Instead, Biden seemingly ignored the U.K. as he plunged Afghanistan into disaster. Furthermore, the decision to pull American troops out of Afghanistan had direct implications for the British. On Wednesday, the U.K. was rushing to evacuate “6,000 Britons and eligible Afghans” from the country as the Taliban took control, the U.K. Daily Mail reported. But that wasn’t the only time Biden snubbed America’s European allies.

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