Increasingly Divisive & Dangerous Trudeau Must Be Defeated


Canadians across the political spectrum need to research the past electoral history in their ridings, and ensure Liberal candidates lose at the polls. Let there be no confusion at this point. Justin Trudeau will go more and more authoritarian if he thinks it will help him win the election. A politician who once campaigned on ‘Sunny Ways,’ and who denounced the use of fear as a political tool, has now become the biggest fearmonger of them all. When the campaign began, Trudeau talked about bringing in vaccine passports and making vaccines mandatory in the public service. To really get a sense of how desperate Trudeau is to politicize the issue and divide Canadians, remember that a few days ago — after he claimed all federal workers would be mandated to get the vaccine — the public service put out a statement claiming that workers who didn’t get the vaccine would be given alternatives — such as daily rapid testing, meaning the actual government policy was similar to what Erin O’Toole had proposed. [T]he government took that info down, and they are now pushing the idea that people could be fired if they don’t get vaccinated.

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