Facebook Canada makes CBC an election campaign fact-checker


Facebook Canada yesterday named the CBC as an election campaign fact-checker. The Crown broadcaster’s French-language service Radio Canada will monitor other media’s news stories to ensure accuracy, though the network has acknowledged multiple errors in its news coverage. “When a fact-checker rates a piece of content as false, we significantly reduce its distribution so that fewer people can see it,” wrote Facebook in a 2021 Canadian Election Integrity Initiative. “We notify people who try to share the content or previously shared it that the information is false, and we apply a warning label that links to the fact checkers’ article disproving the claim.” One other media outlet, Agency France-Press, the subsidized Paris-based news agency, will also act as a campaign fact-checker. “Facebook requires fact-checking organizations to be independently certified,” said Alex Kucharski, spokesperson for the company. “Every fact-checking organization in our program is required to have a public appeals email address,” said Kucharski. Media that objected to CBC “fact” findings could file a complaint, he said.

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