Complexity hides corruption; simplicity exposes it


Politics hide corruption in complexity. Congress passes bills of thousands of pages and the implication and damage are hidden until the effects are made part of what must be dealt with on a daily basis. Our legal system has become a corrupted labyrinth of exclusions and exceptions with confusing motions filed by both sides as cases move through the system. The final judgments make us scratch our heads wondering how they came to a judgment. We do not know because the process is so complex that only one with special knowledge can understand how the judgment was reached. The battle against COVID-19 has become a battleground of complex ideas ranging from treatments banned for political reasons to a vaccine that may be the salvation of humanity or a death jab that will kill more people than the virus. Between the extremes are governments and businesses using force or coercion to get people to get the vaccine. There are competing and confusing reports about how well masks work, the perfectly exact distance to socially separate, and whether the entire hunkering down in isolation is effective. We are bombarded with numbers and statistics that do not make sense.

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