Biden Admin Considers Strikes To Destroy U.S. Military Equipment In Afghanistan After Taliban Takeover: Report


The Biden administration is reportedly considering launching strikes against some of the larger pieces of U.S. Military equipment that were abandoned in Afghanistan, and have been subsequently seized by extremists, after Democrat President Joe Biden decided to pull out from the nation. “The Biden administration is considering launching airstrikes against the larger equipment,” Axios reported. “They also fear that such a move could provoke the Taliban at a time where the U.S. is focusing on evacuating people from Afghanistan.” The news comes as experts worry that the billions of dollars in equipment that was abandoned could fuel a regional arms bazaar that would supply Islamic terrorists. The report noted that a lot of the equipment will have a limited usefulness because those who seized the gear do not have access to repair parts and other tools needed to maintain it. “I have full confidence that some of this equipment is going to end up in the hands of al Qaeda and other bad actors, it’s inevitable,” said Colin Clarke, director of policy and research at The Soufan Group. “This is not going to just end with the Taliban.”

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