Allegations of flagrant overspending, mishandling Afghanistan dominate campaign trail


Accusations of wanton spending, misleading the public and prioritizing votes over the crisis in Afghanistan dominated the seventh full day of the federal election campaign. NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh began Sunday in Toronto at an event honouring the tenth anniversary of Jack Layton’s death. Layton led the NDP for eight years and the party soared to historic heights under his guidance, winning 103 seats in the 2011 election. Singh paid tribute to Layton and his legacy and then took aim at Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau’s response to the situation in Afghanistan. Choosing his words carefully, Singh said he wondered if the timing of Trudeau’s election call has inhibited Canada’s ability to help its allies in a country thrown into chaos since it fell to the Taliban this month. “Maybe the fact that Justin Trudeau called an election might have impacted his ability to plan for the evacuation of our allies in Afghanistan,” he said. “And I’m worried about that, I’m thinking that maybe more could have been done.” Singh said he would have sped up evacuations and made the paperwork process simpler for Canadian allies wanting out of Afghanistan.

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