O’Toole acknowledges Conservative concern over his carbon pricing plan


Erin O’Toole acknowledged a long-simmering sentiment within Conservative circles on Saturday: the Tory leader’s carbon-pricing scheme is not universally beloved among the party faithful. Under the plan, unveiled in April as a loyalty-card style of carbon pricing, consumers would see what they pay on fuel stored into an account that can be used for green purchases later. “It does price carbon and I do get some questions about it and some people frustrated about that, but it shows my commitment,” O’Toole said. The comment came a day after he was confronted on the plan by a supporter who cited “a lot of pissed off farmers” at a Conservative gathering beside a thoroughbred race track in Saskatoon. “By the time I finished that conversation, they understood,” O’Toole told reporters at a campaign stop in Edmonton.

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