Conservatives call for ethics probe of Liberal MP’s 2017 Italy trip


Liberal incumbent candidate Judy Sgro has offered conflicting stories about who paid for a 2017 trip she took to Italy, a trip the Conservatives now want the ethics commissioner to investigate because of allegations that she accepted free travel without reporting it to authorities as required under Canada’s conflict of interest code. Sgro, another Liberal incumbent, Franceso Sorbara, and a then-Toronto city councillor, Vincent Crisanti, travelled to Matera in the picturesque region of Basilicata as part of an “economic development” trip to strengthen bilateral ties between Toronto and this Italian city of 60,000 people. Sorbara paid for the trip himself, Cristani billed city taxpayers for the costs he incurred, and the Toronto Star reported in 2018 that the Basilicata Cultural Society of Canada, a group that promotes the culture of this Italian region in Canada, paid for Sgro’s travel.

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