Rex Murphy: The lost Liberals and their lofty ideals


Here we are, not six days into this garden party of an election, whose only issue is the vanity of he who called it, and yet early as it is, the sleek tacticians in the Liberal war room are lighting candles in front of St. Jude, saint of unexpected miseries and lost causes. Some big name Liberals have left the sloop. Catherine McKenna, the Mater Dolorosa of apocalyptic global warming, a Johanna the Baptist for the gloom-sodden Greta Thunberg, has abandoned the team.An overheated and moribund Mother Earth has thereby lost a great ally, and the Liberal party itself has lost its greatest advocate for meatless hamburgers, government regulation of household thermostats (it was coming) and prison terms for planet-haters who drive pickup trucks. The Toronto polymath, Adam Vaughan, has also doffed his red L windbreaker to seek a wider field for low-IQ obnoxiousness, thus leaving the rest of the Toronto Liberals to nominate a successor nuisance of equal calibre — a challenging assignment, if there ever was one.

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