Trudeau shows he doesn’t understand inflation or your cost of living woes


Justin Trudeau doesn’t think about monetary policy, he thinks about families. That’s too bad, because when you break it down the impact of his government’s monetary policy is driving up the cost of living for families. Trudeau was asked about the issue of inflation on the campaign trail Wednesday after Statistics Canada said that core inflation rose by 3.7% in July. The price on some items were up dramatically compared to the same time last year, including shelter which was up by 4.8% and gasoline up by 30.9%. Food, the most basic of necessities, was up 1.7% compared to last year. The Bank of Canada is mandated with controlling inflation, though that mandate is up for review shortly after the election. Some have called for the Bank to be allowed to run inflation above their target rate of between 1% and 3%. When asked his thoughts on allowing inflation to grow, Trudeau responded by saying he doesn’t think about monetary policy. “When I think about the biggest, most important economic policy this government, if re-elected, would move forward, you’ll forgive me if I don’t think about monetary policy,” Trudeau said.

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