Taliban Issues Humiliating Demand to Biden, Sets the Deadline at Sept. 11


Thanks to his anemic leadership, Taliban terrorists are ordering President Joe Biden around like he’s their unpaid intern. Taliban spokesman Suhail Shaheen said Biden should withdraw all U.S. troops by Sept. 11 pursuant to a 2020 agreement the group had made with the Afghan government. Former President Donald Trump had negotiated the historic peace accord between the warring factions last year, including setting a May 1, 2021 deadline for the withdrawal of U.S forces from Afghanistan. “I think they should get their troops out of Afghanistan,” Shaheen told Sky News on Tuesday. “They have already violated the time frame which was enshrined in the Doha agreement, when they announced that they will withdraw all their forces until Sept. 11. So they should withdraw all their forces.” Shaheen added that “we are committed not to attack them and we have not attacked them.” Of course, the implicit threat was that the Taliban could attack if U.S. troops are not removed by the stated deadline. Before this week, could you ever have imagined a scenario where the American president — the leader of the free world — would’ve had to submit to an ultimatum from a group of malnourished goat herders?

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