No Standard, No Problem


Equity is equality of outcome among racial and ethnic groups. Recently, the pursuit of equity in education, criminal justice, and in the professions has resulted in an impressive string of victories. In education, equity warriors have been frustrated by a stubborn pattern in SAT and ACT scores. For decades Asians have scored higher than whites, who have scored higher than Hispanics, who have scored higher than blacks. These differences seem impervious to any K-12 education policy tinkering regardless of the policy’s ideological origin. Busing, charters, vouchers, increased spending, and universal testing have all failed to close these uncomfortable gaps. Finally, in 2020, COVID provided the equity commissars a solution to their SAT/ACT “problem.” Many college bureaucrats who hope to increase the percentage of non-Asian minorities have discarded the SAT/ACT requirements for admission. At first, it was temporary, but then for many, it became permanent. The outcome is freshman classes with demographics that are now deemed more equitable. No standards, no problem. Equity! It’s not just higher education that’s abandoning objective standards.

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