“I Don’t Think About Monetary Policy” Is The Biggest Gaffe Of The Campaign So Far


With voters putting the surging cost-of-living as their top issue of concern, Trudeau demonstrates incompetence and detachment from what is impacting Canadians the most. As they like to say, ‘campaigns matter.’ In 2011, the Conservatives went into the campaign with a lead, but nobody could have predicted the NDP would surge to second place, win over 30% of the vote, and dominate in Quebec, relegating the Liberals to also-ran status while the Conservatives won a majority government. In 2015, the Liberals jumped from third to first, pushing the Conservatives out of government, and taking most of the NDP’s seats. In 2019, the Liberals barely held on, with Trudeau’s blackface ‘revelation’ pushing the party to have to scratch and claw their way to a narrow, strategic victory, even losing the popular vote to the CPC despite having won it by nine points four years prior. Trudeau will now spend time on the defensive, having to answer why he is so ignorant and uninterested in something that has such a massive impact on the lives of Canadians.

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