Ga. Board Launches Probe Into Fulton County Elections


A state board in Georgia has launched an investigation into election operations in Fulton County. The Georgia Board of Elections voted unanimously on Wednesday to establish a bipartisan panel in order to conduct a performance review of election officials in Fulton County. The panel is designed to examine maintenance and operation of election equipment, the voter registration and election process, as well as compliance with state law. One voter integrity group, Voter GA, has advanced a lawsuit to present what it says is evidence of fraud in Fulton County. “Defendants in the case have now responded and the responses are split. Three of the five defendants have responded with another attempt to dismiss the case,” said Liza Miller. “However, two of the five defendants want to move forward with inspection and are not opposing our efforts to inspect the ballots for counterfeits. This should help us get court approval of the inspection.” The review will be followed by a hearing on the findings and could lead to the state board suspending the county board if it finds evidence of wrongdoing. Fulton County accounts for 11 percent of Georgia’s entire vote.

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