Federal Liberals will have to run on more than pandemic record if N.S. election is any indication: Nanos


After the Progressive Conservatives unseated the incumbent Liberals in a surprise, majority win in Nova Scotia on Tuesday night, Nanos Research’s Nik Nanos says the result could be an indication that parties will have to run on more than their pandemic record in the federal election. Premier-designate Tim Houston led the Progressive Conservatives to a majority win over Iain Rankin’s Liberals after a campaign focused primarily on fixing the province’s troubled health-care system. “What happened in Nova Scotia was that the Conservatives won not on the pandemic, but on health care,” Nanos said on the latest episode of Trend Line. “[They] promised more doctors, more investment in health care and it looks like the Liberals were running on their record for the pandemic.” Nanos said Nova Scotian voters showed they were looking for a party focused on the future and not the past — a possible harbinger for the upcoming federal election. Although it’s early days still, Nanos said it will be interesting to see whether the federal Liberals will suffer a similar fate to the Nova Scotian Liberals and lose their incumbency.

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