Watch: Trudeau heckled over vaccines, lockdowns during campaign stop in Ontario


A small, vocal crowd of protestors heckled Prime Minister Justin Trudeau over the mask rules and COVID vaccines in Cobourg, Ontario. They angrily screamed “Traitor!” at Trudeau, while others cheered loudly for the Liberal leader. “He should resign!” shouted one protestor. He continued: “Trudeau, you’re a traitor to this country! A Traitor to the hard-working Canadians building a life for themselves.” Two people discussed vaccines, where one, who didn’t wear a mask, said his step-father passed away from a blood clot caused by the COVID vaccine. A masked onlooker responded that few people die by blood clots from the vaccine. Trudeau spoke to the need for Canadians to get fully-vaccinated during his campaign pit stop in Cobourg, Ontario. That message was met with some boos, but most cheered. On the COVID vaccine, one heckler made an inflammatory comment, telling Trudeau to shove it. As Global News Mercedes Stephenson reports, a man, who says he immigrated to Canada for freedom, decried Trudeau’s leadership. According to her, Liberal supporters across the street yelled “go back to Afghanistan” and “leave then.”

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