The Breonna Taylor story the left doesn’t want you to hear


Since helping to execute a search warrant for evidence in a drug-trafficking ring and being shot by Kenneth Walker — the boyfriend of Breonna Taylor — in the process, my life has never been the same. Three days after the tragic death of George Floyd — which left the nation in an uproar — the 911 call in which Walker says someone had broken in and shot his girlfriend was released to the public. Though I wanted to respond and set the record straight about what had transpired that night, I couldn’t say anything about the case, because my fellow Louisville Metro Police Department officers and I were under a gag order. The media and the social justice outrage mob were out to get us; we weren’t allowed to stand up for ourselves; and our mayor and chief refused to set the record straight with the facts, leaving us involved to dangle in the wind. My side of the story is completely different from what you’ve heard from the media. They want you to believe that I and my fellow officers are evil racists who barged into that apartment and killed Breonna while she slept.

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