Why Vote Republican?


Frustration over the mostly feckless national Republican Party is nothing new. Those of us on the political right have few electoral options given our two-party system. In some elections, the choice is stark and easy, as when Reagan or Trump was at the top of the ticket. Other years saw names like McCain or Romney on the ticket and many of us held our noses voting Republican only because it was the better of two lousy choices. The leftist agenda moves forward regardless of who is elected, at the presidential or congressional level, the only difference being the speed of decline. America is a runaway freight train, heading toward a cliff. When Democrats are in charge, it is pedal to the metal. With Republicans driving, the gas pedal is only partially pressed, with no effort to hit the brakes, save for rare bursts of a Reagan or Trump, and despite the opposition from their own party. The current GOP is quite happy in the minority. They can whine and complain, with no actual responsibility or voice in legislation. Campaign donations are solicited with promises to reverse the leftist agenda, promises never kept, unlike the campaign contributions they collect.

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