Trudeau’s Dishonesty On Vaccine Mandates Shows He’ll Say Anything To Divide Canadians And Gain More Power


Rather than do what a true leader does — bring people together — Trudeau is seeking to turn Canadians against each other, demonize each other, and spread fear. Justin Trudeau will say anything in order to gain power. That’s about the defining trait of both him, and his government in their time running the country. Trudeau will go along with any politically-correct trend, wear any costume, don any ‘diverse’ garb, if he thinks it will get him more support. This describes many politicians of course, but where Trudeau goes further is in his willingness to divide Canada for his own political interests. He has been glad to try and weaken the Western Canadian energy sector, with his hypocrisy driving a surge in separatist sentiment in Western Canada, and Alberta in particular. His approach to the West has clearly been “I won’t get many votes there anyway, so I may as well direct anger towards the West to gain votes elsewhere.” Notably, previous Canadian leaders like Stephen Harper and Jean Chretien chose not to do the same, as both recognized the importance of the federal government showing support for key industries in regions across the country.

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