Trudeau Liberals banning unvaccinated Canadians from travel violates Privacy Act, says privacy commissioner


Compulsory disclosure of personal medical information to access public services is a breach of the Privacy Act, according to the federal Privacy Commissioner. Minister Omar Alghabra did not explain whether a cabinet order will be required to bypass the law, reports Blacklock’s Reporter. A re-elected Liberal cabinet would draft regulations banning unvaccinated travellers from domestic flights and VIA Rail trains by October 31, according to Transportation Minister Alghabra. “We are requiring federally-regulated employers to adjust their rules to ensure a mandate is imposed by no later than the end of October,” said Minister Alghabra on Friday. “We will be working with employers on defining the new regulatory framework to ensure all employees and a number of travellers will be vaccinated by no later than the end of October.” More than six million eligible Canadians have declined Covid shots to date. “Vaccine requirements will extend to certain travellers,” said Alghabra. “This includes commercial air travellers, passengers on interprovincial trains and passengers on large marine vessels with overnight accommodations such as cruise ships,” he said.

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