Breaking: Conservative platform takes aim at CBC, media bailout funds


The Erin O’Toole-led Conservatives released the party’s full 160-page election platform on Monday. Released just one day after Prime Minister Justin Trudeau called a snap election, the Conservative platform states that a Conservative government would review CBC’s role and viability. According to True North, the Conservatives would “assess the viability of refocusing the service on a public interest model like that of PBS in the United States, ensuring that it no longer competes with private Canadian broadcasters and digital providers.” The Conservative platform also says it will make news subscriptions to Canadian outlets tax-deductible. It will also eliminate GST on Canadian platforms, in an effort to redress the balance between them and large American platforms. The platform continues on to say that the tories will end the Trudeau media bailout, adding that it “undermines press freedom, a vital part of a free society.”

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