You will never see China held accountable for COVID


Holman W. Jenkins, Jr. provides an interesting story in the Wall Street Journal on China’s history with viruses. According to Jenkins, in 1979, independent investigations in New York City and Germany both concluded that the year’s previous flu was caused by the same virus that was last seen in the early years of the 1950s. Their conclusion was that the 1978 flu could have been initiated only by the release of a stored laboratory specimen. There the matter sat until 2004. Then the truth was learned. Due to private communications between a Chinese virologist and his U.S. counterpart, it was determined that the 1978 flu was most probably the result of vaccine/virus experimentation by the Chinese military on a number of its recruits. It’s not surprising that you might never have heard this before. Remember: in 2000, under Bill Clinton, the U.S. gave China permanent most favored nation status, which paved the way for China’s acceptance into the World Trade Organization. By 2004, globalist George W. Bush was president, and Wall Street and the big international corporations were making huge profits outsourcing the U.S. manufacturing base into the willing hands of China.

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