Wouldn’t warming occur naturally after a ‘Little Ice Age’ ends?


It feels like I am beating a dead horse but since the public is inundated every day with misinformation about humans, CO2 and fossil fuels causing global warming/climate change, some of us must persist in giving facts before our great country is intentionally destroyed from within. Currently, Democrats are working as fast as they can to pass a slush fund in their $1 trillion infrastructure bill and its Bernie Sanders-crafted $3.5 trillion reconciliation package, which has lots of kickbacks to their political supporters and a great focus on intentionally destroying thousands of industries and millions of jobs relating to oil. We are constantly told the lie that the current period on Earth has unprecedented warming, yet scientific data show that the Earth has been much warmer throughout its history than today. There have been several lengthy warming periods that were clearly natural. The most recent warming period lasted around 600 years and ended around 1300. The temperatures during that period were similar to today, and the warming was attributed to natural causes.

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