Watch: Trudeau suggests his own pandemic policies, government are tyrannical


In a press conference Sunday announcing a federal election in Canada, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau seemed to suggest that his own Liberal government and pandemic policies are tyrannical. “We’ve seen situation where conservative backbenchers have referred to some of this government’s decisions as tyrannical in terms of how me creating mandates for vaccination of public servants or vaccination of people on trains or airplanes,” said Trudeau in a press conference at Rideau Hall. “Well, the answer to tyranny is to have an election,” Trudeau added. Trudeau has received widespread backlash over the pandemic for rules and policies that many have protested over, including shutting down churches and the controversial travel quarantine guidelines that forced people to stay in hotel rooms for a duration of their quarantine time. The upcoming election could potentially see the minority Liberal government turn into the majority, with the party sitting just 13 seats shy of a majority at 157 seats. Parties looking to block the Liberal party from achieving that have just five weeks to do so.

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