Texas Judges Temporarily Block Gov. Abbott’s Executive Orders


Two Texas judges have blocked separate executive orders imposed by Gov. Greg Abbott (R-Texas). One federal judge extended a temporary restraining order against the executive order imposed by the Texas governor. On Friday, U.S. District Judge Kathleen Cardone extended the order to Aug. 27, blocking Abbott’s directive for state troopers to pull over any vehicle suspected of transporting migrants who may pose a risk of carrying COVID-19. A temporary restraining order was granted earlier this month per request from the Justice Department and was originally set to expire on Friday. Abbott has previously defended the measure for the health and safety of Texans, while many opponents have said it could lead to racial profiling. Meanwhile, a separate Texas judge blocked another one of Abbott’s orders later on Friday, which bans local governments and schools from imposing mask mandates. In a statement to KEYE, Travis County Judge Andy Brown said the order overreaches and limits the ability of county officials and health authorities to protect their communities.

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