Report: Biden Ordered Afghanistan Pullout Against Top Generals’ Warnings


President Joe Biden reportedly overruled the advice of his top military officials when ordering the United States’s pullout from Afghanistan. Biden met with several top military commanders before announcing his intent to withdraw the United States completely from Afghanistan. The generals recommending Biden leave a force of 2,500 servicemen in the country and step up negotiations with the Taliban for a peace deal. The president declined their advice. The Afghanistan government is quickly crumbling. Afghan President Ashraf Ghani fled the country Sunday morning as Taliban militants entered Kabul, the nation’s capital city. The Taliban and what is left of the government are negotiating a transfer of power. The United States is evacuating and abandoning its embassy in Kabul. U.S. personnel and officials are using Kabul’s airport to fly out of the country, though evacuation plans descended further into chaos on Sunday when the embassy released a statement warning Americans in Kabul to “shelter in place.” “The U.S. Embassy in Afghanistan has suspended consular operations effective immediately. Do not come to the Embassy or airport at this time,” the embassy said.

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