Reality Bites Biden’s Policies


Wretchard summarizes Biden’s challenging week and notes the challenges are going to get even bigger: Joe Biden is facing simultaneous challenges. The collapse of Afghanistan in place of a “decent interval”; the resurgence of the Covid Delta variant in place of the anticipated reopening of society; looming inflation and economic problems in place of the anticipated boom. The unending border crisis. It’s a dramatic reversal of fortune on all fronts. Biden failed to anticipate either the events or their speed and intensity and there is little to suggest he can handle the second order crises that is coming in its wake. Reality has gotten inside Joe’s OODA loop. OODA loop is a military doctrine meaning Observe, Orient, Decide, Act. There’s no indication that he has the capacity to utilize this method of dealing with challenges, and challenges to his policies are finally running into some judicial blocks, blocks which have taken far too long. Looming challenges which Biden is unlikely to manage to include (but are not exclusive): An ever more aggressive China; supply shortages; willing worker shortage; loss of rental housing…

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