NP View: O’Toole must offer a bold unapologetic conservatism during election


With an election on the horizon, Erin O’Toole and the Conservative party have every reason to offer voters a confident, unapologetic vision for Canada. Canadians deserve a real alternative this election to the scandal plagued, fiscally reckless Trudeau Liberals, and the Conservatives are the only party that can provide that. They should run a campaign that is unabashed in its commitment to individual liberty, free markets, fiscal sanity and respect for this country’s proud, if imperfect, past. O’Toole has been more visible in recent days, including pictures of him jogging, sending a clear message he is ready for the rigours of the campaign. The Tories’ recently unveiled innovation plan that emphasizes tax cuts over subsidies is exactly the kind of proposal that sets the party apart from the Liberals, while staying true to Conservative principles. O’Toole has been sharply drawing distinctions between himself as the leader focused on economic recovery and Justin Trudeau who is foolishly calling an early election in the middle of a pandemic. Focusing on jobs and growth is a smart approach for O’Toole, one that he should continue.

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