A Win For Trudeau Is A Win For China


In their search for submissive and compliant foreign leaders, China has hit the jackpot with JT. Perhaps the biggest area of weakness for the Trudeau Liberals is the perception that the Liberal government — and particularly Justin Trudeau — is weak when it comes to China. It’s one of the key areas where the Liberals are not only offside with public opinion, but massively so. It’s also an area where the Liberals themselves are split, as could be seen when many Liberal MPs voted to declare China’s actions against the Uyghur’s a genocide, while Trudeau and the federal cabinet did not. The Uyghur motion, and Trudeau’s weak response to China’s jailing of Michael Kovrig & Michael Spavor is the key reason for why the public perceives Trudeau as so weak on China. However, this has been going on a long time. And, with an election just about to start, there’s no better time than now to refresh and remind the public about Trudeau’s long history in government of selling Canada out to China. […] In June of 2017, Trudeau let China take over another Canadian company linked to national security, without even so much as a security review.

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