With Much Of The Press Dependent On Government Funding, Independent Media Is Essential To Balanced Election Coverage


Those who Canadians have freely chosen to support — rather than being forced to subsidize through taxes — have far more credibility than those who depend on government money. As they say, “everybody works for somebody.” I work for you, and for all who freely choose to consume and support my writing. CBC works for the government, who funds them through tax dollars forcibly taken from Canadians. And, while much of the establishment media once worked for their viewers and readers, they increasingly also work for the government, due to the proliferation of taxpayer-funded media bailouts. Even among those who already were subservient to the state like CBC, increased government funding and eroding private ad revenue have further solidified government domination. As a result, even as CBC struggles to appeal to viewers, much of the establishment media is becoming more and more like CBC. We have, in effect, a growing number of quasi-state run outlets, which may claim to be ‘private,’ yet are dependent on taxpayer funding for their survival, and thus dependent on politicians like Justin Trudeau to keep the money flowing. With an election coming up, that is a huge problem.

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